Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Our marketing team is certified in both Advanced Search and Advanced Display Advertising. We have set up and managed national and international PPC campaigns and offer PPC management services on Google’s search and display networks.

Search Advertising

Other than organic SEO, Pay-Per-Click Advertising is a great way to attract qualified traffic to your website. If you’ve used Google to do product research you’ve probably seen one of these ads before above the organic search results.
Example of advertisements on Google's Search Network. Advertising on Google’s search network connects potential customers with a business that offers the solution they are searching for. Search ads themselves are a great way to increase sales on short notice with a limited budget as they lead to quick and measurable results.

While managing your PPC account we will also be able to assess how well your website converts visitors into buyers. From monitoring your account we will be able to optimize your sales funnels and conversion tactics to improve conversion rate and your bottom line.

We recommend PPC Advertising to those that offer services based on urgency or if your company’s offering is something that searchers look for on a when-needed basis.

Interested in setting up a search ad but don’t know what to say? No worries. Our copywriters create compelling marketing copy appropriate for advertisements, press releases, blog posts, websites, and landing pages.

Display Advertising

If you offer a visually appealing product or service, such as luxury tours or hotels than advertising on the display network is the right option for you. The Google Display Network stretches over 2 million websites that reach over 90% of internet users around the world. When considering the opportunity of this network, it is extraordinarily appealing to advertisers who are aiming to increase brand awareness and online presence.

Example of advertisement on Google's Display Network.

Advertising on the display network is best suited for new companies looking to build their online presence, or if they have a longer sales process and require top-of-mind awareness. It is also very well suited to those that have great video production as advertising on YouTube can be very effective.

Thinking about running a display ad but you don’t have a designer? No problem. Our designers create stunning advertisements, logos, and all things digital, including landing pages and websites.

Already running Pay-Per-Click Campaigns? Learn more about our Website Development.